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Working in the Shop #7

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7 Responses to “Working in the Shop #7”

  1. Jim J says:

    Really enjoyed that story Bob and watchin the gear cycling! One of the ways I find an air leak is with a stethoscope, using preferably the bell end. You put that stethoscope on and move it around in that fuselage and if you’ll find any tiny air leak.

  2. mike w says:

    BOB!!!! now come on!!! although it’s the b1 website and you want to venture off into other territories is fine!!!! you have got to post the videos of every aspect of your hobby builds ect…. i have already took your technics on glassing over wood and have a great looking job on a wooden cowl for a 1/3 scale howard pete!!!!THANKS A MILLION FOR THE SCHOOLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mike w says:

    well bob!!!! i spent a day off work!!! an hour going to dallas got there@ 10:00am waited till 12:30 spent $16.00 for admission 2 at $8.00 and had plans to take you to lunch!!!! also had a donation check with me!!!!!and after 2 1/2 hours waiting at the museum!!!!the manager said you cancelled so then i spent another hour home!!!! after countless hours of watching your video’s i was going to the finished product!!!! what a bum deal!!!!! but i will recover!!!! the sadness will only last so long !!!! they said you will reschedule but i am not willing to risk another day pay!!!can’t afford it!!! i’m sure something happened and i understand!!! i just wish i had advance warning!!! keep up the good work!!!at which you are so good at!!!

  4. Mike W, sorry about the inconvenience but it was something out of Bob’s control on displaying the model. The museum called me about noon and asked about the model and I explained that I had sent them a email a few days ago (they had not opened the email). Hope we can make it up to you in the future ! Butch

  5. Terry Brownlee says:

    WOW!! Seems more,and more days are going by with [ NO! ] videos.What’s up with that?? Bob-o-vision withdraws!

  6. Fred W says:

    OK whats going on 5 days and no BobO vision? Bob you are going to have to make up a short video That says you will be gone for a while or something to that affect,just so your loyal followers will know..

  7. Mike W says:

    Butch, i don’t know i found out about it the nite before!!!! it was on advetised on this site and by the time i got back from dallas it was taken off!!! i hope everything is ok!!!

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