Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

Top Flite P-51 #13 | Special News Today!

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2 Responses to “Top Flite P-51 #13 | Special News Today!”

  1. Ron says:

    One of the nice things about being a Gramps is being able to give them back once they do the diaper deed. Another thing… You can almost get away with murder. That’s because everyone thinks that Gramps is just an old grouch. The second best thing about being a Gramps is that now you have someone else to take the blame or point the finger at and it’s no longer your fault. And the best thing about being a Gramps… Could you go and get Grandpa a beer outa the fridge? Hurry! Don’t let Momma or Grandma catch you.

    The number 1 trick to pull on the grand kid… Pull my finger? They all fall for it at least once.


    Congratulations Bob, You have a lot of enjoyment coming your way.

  2. Henry says:

    Congratulations to you and your family. There are many special moments on the way.
    All the best.

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