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The B1 Model Project | Bob with the B1 Bomber

Bob is back in Texas with Butch as they prepare the Bomber for Dyess AFB this week.

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5 Responses to “The B1 Model Project | Bob with the B1 Bomber”

  1. andy askwith says:

    man that lady is looking fine oh man she is so sexy good luck with the show guys wish i could be there

  2. Roy Seavers says:

    Are you guys going to paint the wings? Looking good!

  3. Patrieck says:

    She looks awsome Bob! A real beauty!

    Just one more question for you: What are you going to do with the cocpit windows? Paint them silver ore something like that? Don’t think there is any glass (and maybe a miniture cocpit) going in there? That would be really cool!

    Good luck at Dyess AFB!

    Greets from overseas,


  4. Jerry Trahan says:

    Bob that’s one awsum looking bird Are you going to have the nacelles put on and do you still have plans for a detailed cockpit??? Looking good. Jerry

  5. Russ Warren says:

    Wow Bob that is looking fantastic cant wait to see it with all the decals on

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