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The B1 Model Project | Back on the Bomber

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3 Responses to “The B1 Model Project | Back on the Bomber”

  1. Manny Monroy says:

    man!!! sorry bout the F4…seen some crash in japan back in 68-69 but not like that !!! but like you said its a model and they make more. It must be tough to loose all that money…lucky you got a deal for another airplane due to the nicks and dents.
    keep on truckin baby
    Manny from la Puente, CA

  2. Stoneb1b says:

    Hate to see someone loose a bird like that (the F-4).

    Hope you can gleen a nugdet of info as to why the radio crapped.

    I feel worse bad about losing an airplane if I don’t learn something about why I lost it.

    Regardless…..GET ON THE BOMBER!!!

    Best of luck to you…George

  3. ron says:

    hey bob
    like we say at are club s#!t happens

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