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SR 71 #9 | Dad’s Project – Primed


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8 Responses to “SR 71 #9 | Dad’s Project – Primed”

  1. James says:

    Two Piece! Two Piece! Lol

  2. ben says:

    two piece will be alot less hassle than a four piece!

  3. Lester says:

    i say two piece
    wouldnt four piece make it a little weak at the joining point

  4. Kevin says:

    Well if it turns out anything like the fuselage mold for the B1, I’d say go with the two piece mold. In the end it’s going to save a good bit of time, work, and money.

  5. Brian Kenton says:

    Hi Bob & Bob, Make it a four piece, it will be a lot easier to export me the Fuzz parts to Melbourne Australia.????
    Cheers & Beers

  6. Jerry says:

    BOB and bob, considering the simplicity of the design IMHO, the two piece mold is the way to go. It’l save you time and money. Should you need acess just cut your hatches where needed. Dad, great job, hope your hands have healed for all that sanding. Jerry

  7. Frank says:

    2 piece.

  8. mike fox says:

    its easy for 2 piace mold then 4 pice molds reason why 2pices molds top and bottom its stronger also lots less seams do deal with then with 4pices molds oh bob jr b1bomber damn look alike real thhing

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