Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

Skymaster A-10 Build #8 | Running Wires


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One Response to “Skymaster A-10 Build #8 | Running Wires”

  1. Phil Greasley says:

    Bob, First let me say I love my Bob TV and I don’t know squat about making videos. However, when you get to working on one of these jets…I mean you are in the jet up to your armpits hooking up systems, we the audience often spend a bunch of video time looking at the back of your shirt, or the back of your head, or an elbow. In this video, A-10 build # 8, you pushed the camera back and got on the other side of the jet and went in up to your armpits and we could at least see what you were doing. As a matter of technique, how hard would it be to place the camera on the opposite side of the jet for most of your installs so we can see what is going on? If this presents a problem, please pretend I did not send this note along and keep on doing what you are doing because you rock! Thanks, Phil, Yorktown VA.

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