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P-51 Maiden For Another Day

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2 Responses to “P-51 Maiden For Another Day”

  1. Gerald says:

    I own one of these engines. I recomend this. Throw the ZDZ ignition away. Install a C&H ignition and set the timing at 25 deg befor TDC. Most likely that will solve all your problems. I can almost gurantee you the timing is set to far advanced right now if this is a stock engine. The ZDZ ignition is pretty crappy for some reason. I had two fail in a row befor switching to C&H. Big big improvement. The ZDZ ignition even when working, tend to fire all over the place, and you will never get your engine tuned properly. It will fool you into thinking you have a carburator problem, when that is not the problem at all. Just speaking from experience.

  2. gary whitney says:

    Wes seems like a cool cat lets see more of wes, he looks like a hardcore entertaining dude.

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