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Old R/C Pics and Videos Pt.6 – Looking Back


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One Response to “Old R/C Pics and Videos Pt.6 – Looking Back”

  1. Dad built me my first wooden byplane back in 1954. It didn`t fly, but looked realy cool. Not much, but that was enough. I beleive we had been to the movies, and watched Hells Angeles. My next plane was in 1956. A .049 control line. Boy that did it, I was hooked. Been messing with airplanes ever sense. It wasn`t untel about 1971 that I got my first RC plane. A SIG J3 Cub. A friend showed me how to fly it one time, and then it was up to me. That was a learning experience. I still love to fly RC stuff to this day.
    I sure injoyed your old videoes, and realy like your build videoes. My Wife even likes your show. You have a lot of personility, and that makes it fun to watch. Keep up the good work.
    Mr Gerald D. Robison
    Cropduster48 on the web.

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