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Mississippi Afterburner Jet Rally 2011 #19 | Thunderchief

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3 Responses to “Mississippi Afterburner Jet Rally 2011 #19 | Thunderchief”

  1. Joe Jay says:

    All right Bob That was sweete man, I can see the mississippi after burners on them low photo-ops passes. The HD cam rocks I can see Jet wash, I think. The F4s were awesome so were the F/C Bandit Fly Boys. Well I’ll see ya back in the shop on monday evening gotta go trucking brother Oh shoot I gotta call Monica I keep forgetting. Becareful going home, not sure but Lotta destruction behind you including gas stations, mobile easy brother, you rock man

  2. rye says:

    hey guys
    boy she get better each flight that looked real when she flying you should of have butch or john shoot bottle rockets at to make it look like SAM come at it thanks for all the hard work from you guys to let us guys see what its really like to fly jets and be at the rally ,rye

  3. Todd Jackson says:

    Glad to get to see it in person.Great flight Bob!!

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