Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

Kentucky Jets 2012 #12 | Bob’s F-14 Black Bunnie Tom Cat

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  1. Bob, I recovered the FW this morning. It is water-logged. If it was a 1/5 scale before, it’s now about 1/4 scale. it swelled a lot! As you can imagine, the electronics are soaked, and EVERY connector and pin, wire, solder joint, etc., is corroded. Neat greenish-blue color, though. Sorry. The wing was in 2 pieces, some distance from each other, the fuselage broke apart at the L.E. of the wing, and the cowl area was not located, although the engine did survive, somewhat. The carb was twisted in the case, and the throttle arm broken off. Muffler intact. For giggles, I opened the servos to aid in drying them, to examine and see if they may work again. The boards are already corroded, too. The retracts look fine. I disassembled the engine, cleaned, dried and lubricated it, and it may be a good unit. Oh, the canopy and pilot stuff was not seen at the event horizon; he must have been sucked into the black hole, or drowned, rather than bail out. What do you want to do? Meet at the field with it? I DO have projects the the engine would be PERFECT for, (hint, hint) but I don’t want to sound greedy, the way I perceived those other guys were, yesterday. Surely, you would be able to use the retracts on something you’re building, unless they are too small for your caliber of models. Give me a call, and I’ll get this back to you. 316-516-6382 Doug Burright. See ya, Bob!

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