Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

Kentucky Jets 2011 #25 | Last Day Walk Through


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3 Responses to “Kentucky Jets 2011 #25 | Last Day Walk Through”

  1. Bob-O, a giant thumbs-up thank-you from myself and the missus to you for sharing the Kentucky adventure with us. Once again, you have earned another “cluster” on your JET MODELLING AMBASSADORIAL MEDAL OF HONOR for unselfish activity to spread the joys of aviation to all. You are a credit to modellers everywhere.

  2. Mark says:

    Bob I found someone building a RC Jet A-12 heres a picture

  3. JoeJay says:

    “wow!, I’m inprest at all the nice looking jets & all the outstanding pilots, Ali you rock Dude & your wing man. The SR71 was Awesome the Big F86 & the silver/blk corsair looked cool, Buster Browns Ups, the mini me thunderchief, the neon lited planes & the fire works were cool. I would have to agree with Gary, Once again you did a FANtastic job Bob. “Oh, and John You Get the Kentucky jet JoeJay one hand clapping Photo award brother, pictures came out awesome! Well Kentucky Jets Thanks for making my friends fill at home, Outsting 2011 hope I seeya At Best Of The West.

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