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Kentucky Jets 2011 #23 | Giant Scale SR-71 BlackBird

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3 Responses to “Kentucky Jets 2011 #23 | Giant Scale SR-71 BlackBird”

  1. michael fox says:

    hey bob o you should help your dad get his sr71 black bird making the molds and make kits out of it sr71 blackbird kits also should bring the b1 bomber fly it lol

  2. jerry says:

    Bob, thanks so much for getting the sled on video. I’ve been following Lance and Jerry with this project for the past three years and thought it would never fly . Now I feel great that the project has come to this juncture and that it does fly with all the grace and beauty of it’s full size counterpart. Again thanks for the video, Now let’s see that hustler get into the air, that’ll turn some heads when it does it’s thing

  3. Jim Nichols says:

    I’d like to buy the parts for this design, to modify for an R/C land speed record attempt.

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