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Kentucky Jets 2011 #18 | The F-105 ThunderChief!

5 Responses to “Kentucky Jets 2011 #18 | The F-105 ThunderChief!”

  1. rye says:

    yeah shes alive !!!!!!!!! you get the gear and chute right we belive in you bob !!!!

  2. rye says:

    who was flyer her?

  3. JoeJay says:

    Allright Hanger-9!, nice job Alli like the Photo op passes. UK style brother. “Oh man I hope the F86 is ok bill, was there a wind change, I notice you landed the other way. Hello Bob looks like your having a good time. Hello Billy-D from USA hobbys I liked your Byron F16 I saw the video’s,(XPS). That sure is a nice Flying field. Were are the Centry Jet F4s.

  4. B1Bomber says:

    @Rye, Ali from the UK. Pretty much the best pilot there.

  5. Ron Dunaway says:

    Nice job! Great landing. The plane looks like it flew great. I especially liked the way the plane snapped over after he flew over the runway and pulled up for a loop then rolled it over at the top. The plane looked very responsive.

    Good job!

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