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In The Shop | Super Pinto Post Crash Debriefing

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2 Responses to “In The Shop | Super Pinto Post Crash Debriefing”

  1. Sid Gates says:

    You mentioned in the video that the Pinto had a lot of positive in the wing. I went back and looked at the best side view of the Pinto fuselage in your videos and it looks like you are right.

    In the crash video I didn’t see what I felt was a true snap, only a spiral into the ground.

    A lot of positive between the wing and horz. stab would cause a lot of pitch up as speed increased.

  2. Henry Reed says:

    I wonder if you had a weak servo. I had a plane that did well on the ground for control throws but at speed there was no strength in the servo. A tree got in the way of the flight deviation. Hook them all up and grab onto each servo as its being controlled. You can feel a weak servo. It’s part of my preflight now. The other thing that can drop curent to a servo is a bad extension. Hope this helps.

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