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In The Shop | Post Jets Over Kentucky Debriefing

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8 Responses to “In The Shop | Post Jets Over Kentucky Debriefing”

  1. Bob White says:

    Hey Bob
    Really sorry it didn’t go well but we need you back on the horse. Let’s get some perspective here. I can’t believe that you managed to get that monster down around the 40ib mark and it looks absolutely stunning.

    You think Skygate and Tomahawk-design don’t encounter the same problems in the development of a new plane? They do and it takes them months and months to fix the issues. Your problem has been the need to rush this plane into the air. All you need is a little more development time.

    Your primary aim has been to educate us less talented people and, from my point of view, you have done, and are doing, a great job.

    Were I you, I would get my own Thud up to the standard of Ali’s and the then fly the crap out of it. That way everyone will see the success that it really is and that’s when you will sell your remaining sets.

    Let’s go Bob – when you’re down – the only way is up!

    Good luck buddy


  2. Michael says:

    Hi Bob
    Sorry to hear Kentucky didn’t go so well. It was clear you were all fired up and that makes the disappointment even greater.
    But as Bob says the development of something new invented by your own brain is never easy or straight forward. There are things that happen you couldn’t possibly anticipate during the design phase.
    You built a stunning jet from absolute scratch you just need to get the last few percent to get it in the air.

    I hope you get your mojo back shortly and get back on the horsr.


  3. Gary Baugh says:

    First and foremost, Bob, take care of your back! Kick back, relax, re-group and take a well-earned pressure break and get some rest. Anyone who has ever witnessed the birth of an aircraft realizes that development is an ongoing evolution (ask Boeing) that is fraught with trial and error. The ultimate success of the Thud is inevitable. As a daily fan of Bob-TV, I treasure every moment I have spent with you learning, laughing and sharing this great sport. Keep up the great work!!!

  4. Kevin Thoele says:


    Did not have your direct email. Wanted to ask a question. What would you charge to build Yellow F18 kit up primed ready for paint? You can give me a call if you want 281-615-8455

  5. Bernie McAda says:

    Bob, could you give us an estimate as to when you might let us know when you might be back on ‘no drama’?

  6. Wayne Roberts says:

    Sure is lonely out here, no drama Bob we need you back

  7. Mike Hannah says:

    Hey Bob
    Give your fans a wiggly finger at least to let us know Bobo is okay!!!


  8. Avibeagle says:

    Just exchanged an email with Bob… He’s re-roofing his house and will be back in the shop soon!

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