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Comp ARF P51 Mustang Build #1 | New Engine

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One Response to “Comp ARF P51 Mustang Build #1 | New Engine”

  1. Gerald says:

    I have a ZDZ Super 80 RV-J. I love it,,,,,after I threw the stock ignition away, and installed a C&H ignition on it. This is pretty important. Set the timing at 25 to 27 deg advanced, and it will run perfect. I run a Pitts style muffler on mine, but thats just a personal preference. Not hard to start after you figure the engine out. They start a little diferent than a reed valve engine. The only complaint I have with mine is high cylinder wear right at the top of the cylinder. The last 1/4 inch of the stroke. Mine has the black cylinder, and is susposed to be the updated version. ZDZ won`t do any thing about it. It still runs good despite this issue. I guess the most disapointing thing about this is I have a couple of China engines with much more run time on them, with no cylinder wear at all.
    Hey, happy New Year, live long and prosper.

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