Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

In the Shop | Home From Phoenix and Prizes


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10 Responses to “In the Shop | Home From Phoenix and Prizes”

  1. jeff Alter says:

    nice coverage of the Jet Fly In, Bob…

    my wife is so PO’ed at me cause I wont leave the screen watching these vids…WELCOME BACK TO THE SHOP…love it..its like a jab to her side..LMAO

    thanks for the kind words about my Dad…

    ya know how to make yourself famous right?..make those videos and keep building those wicked one else has that!! and BOB O vision ROCKS!!

    O..clean the camera lens

    one mo thing about being famous..
    I use to show my Camaro at McCormick place for years..we did a HOOTER shoot with 3 of the girls on a nice cool day!!..our car was used for backdrop for Posters to the Chevy/Vette fest Nationals..there were over 100,000 posters printed up and they were NICE!!I still have a few…what my WIFE did was set up a table and was doing autographs…she had a line all the way around the place….LMAO….no matter where we went when it concerned hotrods or customs..they knew my wife…and me..O you’re the husband..LOL

  2. Gary Baugh says:

    I have no complaints with the quality of the videos thus far. The only improvement you could possibly make would be to broadcast them in 3-D (my wife would get a kick out of those cool glasses).

  3. Hustler says:

    Jeff, here’s my email.I’ll give you my address, then you can send me and Bob a poster ! I’ll pay for it ! Ha ! Butch

  4. Joe Jay says:

    Hello Bob”, Had a great time at the the jet meet with you & the pit crew, I Thank you & John & John for your hospitality. It was nice meeting you all, I hope we will meet again. Me & dad stopped at Castle Air force base & took picturs of the shark mouth 105 for paint referance sceme along with some gifts for you & dad. The show was awesome alotta great pilots & nice jets. Everyone did a nice job. They have a jombo meet at Castle around Sept, any way I’ll seya back in the shop brother.

  5. Brad says:


    Glad to see you and Mr. Balcomb made back in one peace, thanks for the video’s from the jet meet as I did appreciate you brining us along to enjoy the flying and fun. I’m game for a trivia question contest or pull a number to see who takes home which hat just name the time I’ll be there. Oh by the way I’m on the east coast, what time zone do you live in?

  6. jeff Alter says:

    BOB…make some more videos…Im strung out..

    can be of Sammy…BOBO wife…shoveling snow…BBQing…the neighbors getting pissed when you light off a turbine..anything PLEASE..

    and I think that I can finaly get to the trailer’s door for those infamous HOOTER posters ..

  7. B1Bomber says:

    Hey Joe, it was a pleasure meeting you and your dad out at the Fly in. Thanks too! Maybe Bob will be out at the “Best of the West” in October. Check it out.

    — John R

  8. B-1 Bob says:

    I thank every body watching you guys have made Bob-tv what it is today
    and I thank every body invalved it the jet meet we sure had a good time and MAN did we ever meet some good people including Joe and his Dad Joe realy reminded me of me and my Dad

    Thank You Verry Much

  9. mike luta says:

    I thought that was you at the jet rally but my wife convinced me that wasn’t you. Will you be at the next jet rally in AZ??? Wish I had the chance to introduce my self. Let me know if you will be at the next one. thanks!!

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