Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

In the Shop | Bob TV & T-Shirts

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9 Responses to “In the Shop | Bob TV & T-Shirts”

  1. Joe Jay says:

    “Wow John you did it again”, pictures came out AWESOME brother. The Thundercheif looks so real & Zombie Dude looks cool. You should be working for jet magazine(hint) I think a video of Zombie Dude talking Being interviewed by Sammie wearing a flight jacket with the 105 & the B1 in the back drop with some cool lighting,& music, kinda like they do in nascar. And thanks Gary B for all the nice comments. And Bob “WEEEEE WHOOOOO…..While I Kiss the sky. Amen brother. I wonder If these kits can be a tax right off, because were donating to the b1 cause. You see me twearling my finger.

  2. rye says:

    hey bob
    you still didnt say why the gear was down and the chute didnt come out was it low on air ? did it go into failsafe mode when the gear came down ?

  3. Fred W says:

    Hey Bob I think now would be a good time to build your armament for the 105

  4. Kevin Thoele says:


    Also wanted to know if you figured out what happened with the gear coming out?

  5. Kevin Thoele says:


    In the still pics it looks like the nose gear never came up.

  6. Paul Stelly says:

    Those are the best inflight photos I’ve ever seen!
    Great job!!!!

    See you

  7. B1Bomber says:

    Thanks Paul, hope you make it up there soon and see this bird fly! Next time I may see it is Kentucky Jets if not sooner. – John

  8. J Morgan says:

    Any plans for the 105 to go to the Bluegrass Jet Meet in Bowling Green Ky first weekend of June?
    If not, what is the planned summer meet schedule for it? Would like to see it fly.

  9. B1Bomber says:

    @J Morgan Most likely Kentucky Jets in that 2nd week of July. Bob will know for sure within a few weeks of the event.
    — John

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