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Illini Super Jets 2011 #9 | F-105 Thunderchief 1st Flight

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2 Responses to “Illini Super Jets 2011 #9 | F-105 Thunderchief 1st Flight”

  1. rye says:

    hey bob
    maybe you should try what we do with boat to find leaks we put them in the tub or small pool with some dish washing soap it really shows air leaks like when you were a kid to find a leak in the tire anyway use a cup of water and soap dap a little on each fitting and check each fitting unactvie and actvie ,gear going up and down and maybe the strusts too its losing air somewhere and i bet its when you actvie the gear things start to move around its a lot of work but will pay off in the end did she get hurt on that landing ,it looked hard ,ouch!!! good luck rye

  2. Wyoflyer1 says:

    What happened to #10,2nd flight?
    Is it losing to much air?,landing gear not unlocking in flight to raise?,your sequencing device not letting enough air through. How much supposed pressure is against the gear in flight? How much lift pressure is provided by your system? Time to get down to the specifics. Remember – we’re all pulling for your sucess!
    Once this is solved,this plane looks like it flies like a million bucks… and you’ll be Super Bandit chasing in no time.

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