Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!


Join Bob, Butch, and Paul down at the 29th Annual Greater Southwest Jet Rally located at Club Field Lake Waco, TX in Speegleville Park.  The event runs from September 8th to 10th.  Come see the 1/8 Scale B1 Bomber on display along with the F-105 Thunderchief!!!  It actually runs til the 11th, but the Sunday is usually a ghost town.

2010 Southwest Jet Rally Waco, TX

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4 Responses to “GREATER SOUTHWEST JET RALLY 2011 – SEPT 8 to 10 Waco Texas”

  1. Ram-bro says:

    a question for the experts . How do you kow the plane will fly, ie the F105 and the B1B? I guess the reaso I ask the question is of course these are both prototypes. Is the idea basically that we can make anything fly with enough power? What airfoil are you usiin, does it make a difference and or how do you choose one.Do you guys have a basic set of rules that you are working from? Love the work you are doing and I am learning alot……”GO BIG RED”

  2. Cropduster48 says:

    I don`t claim to be any kind of expert. I have designed severial airplanes. Three of which I actualy got into and flew. To answer your question properly would be quite lenghthy. But the information has been around sense WW1. One of the equations you need is right here on this website. Look to the right, and click on the CG calculator. I use this a lot. Next, airfoils. Go to your local libary and check out a book called theory of airfoils. This book gives you all the data for a lot of used airfoils. It gives you a good idea of what you can expect from a certain airfoil. Lift, drag, speed, stall. In the end your not that faroff in your assumption of just put a lot of HP. on it, and it will fly.

  3. B1Bomber says:

    Thanks @Cropduster48. That CG calculator link you sent was actually used by Butch to calculate the CG on the F-105. It works great. But feedback from some of the pilots who flew the F-105 said it was a bit nose heavy. Think Bob pulled out a pound or two of weight in the nose.
    — John

  4. bass hunt says:

    great blog post i just got in to rc cars myself!

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