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F-105 Thunderchief #1 | Priming Plug

Update: The B-1 Bomber is currently awaiting major (Expensive) parts.  Bob is taking on a new F-105 Project to help generate funds for the continuation of the B-1.  Spring is the new target for the first flight of the B-1.   In this new series, Bob is going to show a more in-depth view of his building techniques.  Also if you are interested in purchasing one of these this F-105 Thunderchiefs’, contact us.  We always appreciate your support.

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10 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief #1 | Priming Plug”

  1. catman says:

    You’re going to need to change your name to Bob’s Amazing Aircraft Factory and Long Term Bone Storage Facility.

  2. Leehoss says:

    Keep BobTV on the air!

  3. Madmickey says:

    Hi Bob
    Glad to see you are not killing yourself to get the B1 in the air. It is a hell of an under taking( financially and Time) for a team of guys let alone just you and Butch. Keep making the videos and please please do not forget about the Hustler.

  4. Joe Felix Jr says:

    How much for one of those f105 kits,& a thumbs up on the step/step videos

  5. Sid Gates says:

    Bob – I vote for the F-105 build video. Suggestion- Provide more detail on video of how you are going to make the mold. Will the 105 mold be split vertically or horizontal. I assume the wing stubs are going to be part of the fuse mold, if so how will you handle the negative draft of the intakes?

    It would be nice if someone would edit the build videos. If I lived near you I would volunteer.

  6. Michael Rau says:

    Absolutely keep those video’s coming. More detail please and take your time with the bomber. If I wasn’t stuck with child support payments I would definitely help out but for the next while it would be a little tough, very sorry. Thanks to your video’s I am at least in the planning stage of building the CF-105 Avro Arrow and I am enjoying every minute. I don’t care how long it takes. Thanks Man. Take care.

  7. Jim J says:

    I think I heard a thud…

  8. Ron says:

    Hey Mr. Bob,

    I say that like I know you. I’ve watch all your vids on both the Bomber and the F-105. I have to say that I have learned a lot from the Videos. I’ve started working small parts for my SUV, of all things, thanks to some of the example you’ve shown on the F-105.

    I kept looking for more vids on the Bomber but none were showing up. I was hoping that nothing serious happened to you when all the videos stopped coming.

    A few weeks ago, I ran into the vids on the F-105. And said to myself pay attention dummy, This guys going to teach you something. I figured I would start small and work my way on up to bigger projects eventually (if the wife will let me, Darn honey dew lists).

    Btw, I like your super tool, I have on that looks just like it. I’ve had it for about 20 or so years. And it looks just like yours. I’ll have to send you a picture of it in action one day. My brother keeps trying to take it from me. When it disappears, I just go to his house in the garage and take it back.

    Any ways… I just wanted to say keep up the good work an the F-105, you’ll get to the Bomber soon enough.

    Oh yeah! You mounted some cams on one of your planes. Could you post some vids? and please to post vids of these babies you working on there up in the air.

    Thanks so much for the tutorials. I always wanted to try my hand at glassing.

    Thank you

    Ron Dunaway
    San Jose, CA

  9. […] has come a long way.  It has been 8 months in the making.  A look back at the first video. […]

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