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Foamie B1 Pt.6 | Questions and Answers

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4 Responses to “Foamie B1 Pt.6 | Questions and Answers”

  1. Lou Lombardi says:


    I was hoping you would answer some of the hyreaulic questions.

    Specifically what is your source of cylinders.

    I am converting Robart 635 retracts to hydraulic and the 5mm-0.8 Festo 4mm fitting wont fit on the ends of the cylinders where the pushrod extends.

    I need to replace the Robart cylinders (1/2)” bore) with like cylinders that can accomodate the Festo fittings.

    I am exicted to see the Foamy fly and really appreciate your videos. I have learned a great deal about modeling.


    Lou Lombardi
    B-1 contributor

    (760) 771-3660

  2. stoneb1b says:

    An idea…When you were at Dyess you saw the SNIPER Advanced Targeting POD. Instead of plastering cameras all over a BEAUTIFUL clean airframe……how about integrating your onboard cameras into a scale SNIPER POD?

    Keep up the great work


  3. StoneB1B, we are right there with you. We have already looked at that idea and will probably do it.

  4. drew says:

    Hey bob, ive been watching your movies since you started making them, I am in the US. Army and i am currently stationed in Iraq. I am with the 114th MPs, but my job in the army is Air Defense, (we shoot down anything that flies, lol) but i volunteered to come over here, since i am National Guard we have that priveledge. Everytime i come off of a mission or a hard days work, i come straight to this website. I also fly rc airplanes as a hobby, ive gone through at least 10 nitro .40 sized aircraft. I currently have two nitro .40 P-51’s and flew the crap out of them while I was home on leave, (im a southern boy from Mississippi) and no i did not crash them. I was wondering, whats the deal on your dads SR-71, no videos have been posted for a while, how is he doing? Well, im looking forward to seeing new videos, take care, oh and if you dont mind, can you give a shout out to the 114th MP Company, Specialist Jordan………

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