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Flying Field Action #6 | F-18 Motor Failure and Crash

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4 Responses to “Flying Field Action #6 | F-18 Motor Failure and Crash”

  1. EEKS! The F-18 appears to have traversed a gravitic anomaly that sucked it from the sky. There is no defense when confronted by these atmospheric denizens. I have fallen victim to this phenomenon on several occasions, myself. I continue to joust with the airways by annointing my aircraft with copious amounts of CA-glue and “press-on, regardless.”

  2. Ron Dunaway says:


  3. Wyoflyer1 says:

    Maybe keep the nose down and continue to glide in, as apposed to leveling and stalling. Also what was the recommended battery cell count vrs. what you had in the plane?

  4. jim berry says:

    Tell the guy/gal doing the vidio to use manual focus on the camera while taking vidios of the plane in the air. With just the sky as background the camera can’t keep the plane in focus. Anything beyond 50 feet or so will stay in focus if the lens is set at infinity.

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