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F-9 #2 | Wings


If you would like to get one of these F-9 kits from Bob, inquire Here or at our contact page!  We still have T-shirts available for all of you fans out there.  Bob needs your support on finishing up this Bomber!  Click on the Donation page for details.

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2 Responses to “F-9 #2 | Wings”

  1. Jim J says:

    I use micro balloons for epoxy thickener. Can’t make out what it is you added there Bob, but it must work great.

  2. mike fox says:

    hi bob i see that you takeing a little snozze on the b1bomber build i know i been there when i do a projectS i get tired of it and i like one you that send down to texas f9f cCougar also planing on building f105_thunderchief right now i have other plane doing like p38 lightning 1/2a scale and NO MORE F BOMBS AND NO MORE SLACKING OFF TIME GET THAT MACK TRUCKING MOVING DOWN THE ROAD LOL P.S HOW IS YOUR DAD COMING ALONG WITH HIS SR 71 BLACKBIRD JET ?

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