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F-9 #25 | Building a CJM F-9 Cougar Jet


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2 Responses to “F-9 #25 | Building a CJM F-9 Cougar Jet”

  1. catman says:

    Hate to tell you that the graphics you have for the Cougar are wrong! Numbers and lettering on Navy airplanes are all block style. No such thing as rounded fonts on Navy airplanes! I recommend you go to Google images and look up photos of Cougars (or any other Navy airplane) to see what I mean. It’s a shame you all are going to paint it gull gray over white — Cougars really looked good in overall glossy dark blue with white markings. Very sharp.

  2. Brent says:

    Another color besides blue will be refreshing. The blue is a good color, but that’s all you see. I’m with you, I like the red and white at the intakes. I like the piano hinge tricks. I will never look at piano hinge the same way. Thanks for the education Professor BOB. The reason your shop keeps getting disorganized is that you get so much work done in it. I tend to over think things. Watching you fly through the building of the Cougar is inspiring me to build more and think a little less. I hope you have a good time at Broken Arrow. Fly safe.

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