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F-4 #3 | New Jet Assembly


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6 Responses to “F-4 #3 | New Jet Assembly”

  1. Hey Bob,
    Sorry about your F-4. watch this YOUTUBE video!
    a Songwritter and singer wrote 2 songs about his guitar getting broken by United AirLines in response to them sayingthem would not fit it~!!. You & Deb will LOVE it!!


  2. keith says:

    Hi Bob what a bummer on the F4,fly Eagle Jet had many problems with damage in transit,now they pack much better with the box plywood lined,looks to me that it was not packed well enough,when will these people learn that they must pack really well,hope they have insurance!Thanks for the Vids the B1 is really starting to come together,keep up the good work regards Keith UK

  3. catman says:

    Minor point, but how come a Navy VX-4 Black Bunny paint scheme on a long nose Air Force E model F-4?

  4. Mark says:

    Hi Bob sorry about your F4 Model hope the next one is shiped more carefull. Alos I want to get into RC flying but my first question is well Skymaster ever build a F-35 Lighting II modle Thank You

  5. Jerry says:

    Bob,boy that really sucks when something as nice as a plane like that shows up all messed up. Sorry you’ve got to go through the mill again. Maybe this time they’ll spell the decals correctly .On the carrier based F4 didn’t the nose strut elevate the nose for catapult take off???? Jerry

  6. Patrieck says:

    Hey Bob,
    That is a real turnoff when something you really looked out for and waited for a long time, finally arrives all messed up like that.
    Just one question. Down here…most of these packages are insured by the transporter. I saw it was DHL, so I guess it will be the same.
    BUT…the thing is that you have to inspect the package on transport damage BEFORE you sign for it! If it is damaged, you simply don’t sign for it and they have to take it back.
    If you don’t inspect it, it is no longer insured by the transporter.

    I hope this is not the case with your plane and it all works out for you, just wanted to let you know.

    Looking forward to movies where all the parts come together to form a complete B1! Keep up the very good work and progress.


    Middeburg, Netherlands

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