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F-4 | Flying Field – Maiden flight turns bad

Sad day at the flying field (Lost Radio)

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7 Responses to “F-4 | Flying Field – Maiden flight turns bad”

  1. Patrieck says:

    Hi Bob,

    Ohw man…waited that long and worked that hard to get her flying and than this happens!
    A sad day indeed… Guess it’s all part of flying those things but it must have been an expensive blow. Looks like it won’t fly again. Hope you can still salvage some good parts.

    Good to see you got back on the horse and flew the F-16 after the crash (You might even call it luck that you got such a good deal on the F-4 and that was the one that crashed).

    Certainly hope this won’t happen to the B1 once it is finished! *knock on wood*

    Sorry for your loss Bob!

    Greets from the european mainland!

    Middelburg, Netherlands

  2. andy askwith says:

    hi bob :( man that was a low blow there must agree with patrieck though good to see the f16 in the air after that horrendous nose in
    man :(
    when i saw it i was guttered for you bob and all that time it took too
    sorry for your loss there bob
    commiseration from the uk mainland aswell bob :(

  3. Brad V says:


    Sorry that you lost the F-4; after watching the video over a few times, the F-4 sounded as if the engine shut down 1m 30sec into the flight. Still a horible loss, glad to see that you got back on that horse and flew the F-16 a second time.

  4. Mike Valko says:

    Bob. Sorry about the F4 crash. WE eventually lose them but we at least like to have them for a while to enjoy. Been flying models for 60 years so I have lost a few. Keep the faith.’Love the build on the B1 and follow every episode. Cant wait to see it finished.

  5. . says:

    Ha Ha thats the prob with stupid ass expensive jets. U made over $5000 for the model and then the jet engine and then the other bits. Wot a UTTER waste of money if you ask me. u fly in stupid conditions and wonder y u crash lol.
    No one else to blame but ur self. Have fun rebuilding that over priced peice of shit lol. ill stick to a slow stick for about $30 lol. enjoy mother fucker!!!!

  6. B1Bomber says:

    For the dumb ass that made that comment. I got your information:
    Hometown: Stockport, England, United Kingdom.

    To bad you are not in the states. Keep your stupidity to yourself.

  7. catman says:

    The great thing about guys like Bob is that he actually does the things many of us dream about but are not brave enough to attempt. I, for example, am a pretty good model builder, but would never even think of scratch-building something like the B-1. Nor am I brave or passionate enough to plunk down the cash for one RC jet, much less a house full of ’em. But Ol’ Bob, he lays his hands on a garage full of basic ingredients, then lets us watch while he mixes and stirs and a little while later, out pops a B-1 almost big enough to ride in — something no ill-mannered punk hiding behind a computer could ever hope to do. Any problems Bob encounters along the way, he solves with good old American ingenuity. No whining, no complaining, no profanity. Just action. Kind of makes you proud. Then along comes some little piss ant like the guy above who feels compelled to share with us his incisive wit and intellect. What a waste of air and electrons. Here’s to you , Bob. Fly ’em if you got ’em.

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