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F-4 #7 | Crash results

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6 Responses to “F-4 #7 | Crash results”

  1. Patrieck says:

    Hi Bob,

    Well it’s good to hear that you found out why the F-4 crashed. Keeps you and other people from making the same mistake.

    Still a shame about the F-4, but we learn as we go.
    Thanks for the video Bob, now get on to the B1 again! Thumbs up off course!


    Middelburg, Netherlands

  2. andy askwith says:

    oh hell yea of coarse we still want videos bob
    if your keeping on trucking we want them by the truck load

    gratz on keeping your chin up

    nottingham england

  3. Russ from Canada says:


    Shame about the F4, but as you said thank god no one was hurt and nothing (other than the F4) was damaged. Learning is part of every hobby. Unfortunately that was an expensive lesson learned on the batteries :(
    Bob, keep up the awesome work on the B1 and your other projects!!!!
    THUMBS UP on making the videos… Your work and construction technics are steller!!!!!!!! Its nice to see misstakes to… lets the rest of us know you really are human too ;)
    Fly on Bob, fly on!!!!!!!!

  4. Dean Kraus says:

    Hey Bob,
    Glad to hear you know what went wrong with the F-4. On the Brite side your NEW 5.0KF donated from JM is heading your way on a UPS truck as we speak!
    Dean Kraus /JM

  5. B1Bomber says:

    Hey Dean, I actually saw your fuel jugs in action. I noticed the logo on the cap and filler. The person actually had two of them. They look good. The guy has a 1/5 Scale F-16 that was flying with Bob over the weekend. Just a FYI.
    — John

  6. Dean Kraus says:

    Hey John,
    I saw it too!! I mentioned to Bob that his friends were all using my Fuel cans – but not him! LOL……
    So he twisted my arm and we donated 1 to the B-1 project! (Hope he does sell it to buy another F-4~!!LOL)
    Don’t tell him but there is a surprise in the parcel! A set of JMFV3-B/B~ Dry-Break – Fuel Port’s too~! UPS Grd. shows it to be delivered 3/18/10.
    PS: Check out this W.S.~ Enter any address around the World and “GOOGLE” will probably have a new picture @ street level EVERY 10’or so…. Saw Bob’s house with Wife’s Camaro in Driveway!

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