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F-16 | Flying field – 2nd Flight

2nd flight on the F-16.  I had to get back on the horse and fly it after the F-4 crash.

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2 Responses to “F-16 | Flying field – 2nd Flight”

  1. Patrieck says:

    Great plane Bob!

    Nice take off and landing and she seems to fly and handle really well.
    Can’t wait to see her fly along side the B1 on a low pass over the field!


    Middelburg, Netherlands

  2. andy askwith says:

    well i just hope i can fly half as good as you there bob
    when i get my tickets :~)
    man the f16 looks awsome on those low passers and its looks quite
    doscile in the air but i think thats more credit to pilot skill than anything else tbh
    great job with the f16 bob ;)

    ps sorry again about the f4

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