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F-14 Tomcat #47 | Installing Fail-On Switch

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3 Responses to “F-14 Tomcat #47 | Installing Fail-On Switch”

  1. jerry says:

    Hi Bob, the new bird looks beautiful, good luck and many fun filled hours flying it. On another subject, As of right now what are your plans for the B1?? Are you going to mold another fuse using the the new method with the foam ?? I’ll bet that’ll save a lot of weight, and add a lot of strength at the same time. Looking for ward to see the maiden on the tcat and love to see that tchief fly that looks like a real show stopper in the air. Have a safe trip, take lots of videos.

  2. JoeJay says:

    Hello everybody I guess we should talk amongs are self,or should I order a Large pizza & slide it under the door & see what happens.”Ha, Na it’s all good, Bobs a busy man with allota responsibiltys gotta show some TLC to the family & I’m sure He out chasing parts. I Want to wish all of you out there a safe & happy Independents Day I thank you for are freedom & your service. Please don’t drink & drive I want to seeya all back in the shop. Allright Kentucky Lets show Brother Bob a good time make him fill at home , layout the red carpet for him, and lets all have a dramma freeee good time. Lite Up the Sky Kentucky.

  3. Gary Baugh says:

    Good idea, JoeJay, we’ll gab amongst ourselves while Bob-o is in final stages of preparation/ transit to the meet. The missus and myself have begun preparations for our country’s Independence Day celebrations by parking ourselves before the TV and simultaneously viewing marathon episodes of guano, while doing online chores. There’s lots of activity on the docks today as fellow boaters have made their annual visitations to the marina in anticipation of sojourning with the sea. The air is filled with course invectives (swearing) as dead batteries, equally-dead engines and mildew below-decks is discovered. It’s still too young in the day for the raucous celebrations to begin, but the new faces are beginning to commune with we live-aboards as the hours progress. The skies are blisteringly-hot (102-degrees, fahrenheit) while dead-calm air prevails. Now seems like an excellent time to visit the flying field and put my rusty thumbs and numerous sailplanes to “work.” I’ll return later with an update on my exploits……..

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