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F-14 Tomcat #44 | Micro Switch On Spoilers

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7 Responses to “F-14 Tomcat #44 | Micro Switch On Spoilers”

  1. Phillip says:

    Was it not possible to program the transmitter to null out the spoilers using the switch for sweeping the wings by setting a flight condition?

  2. Mimos says:


    Only one question on the spoiler cutout, if you’re in a turn when you sweep the wings, do the spoilers default to the closed position. In other words, if your in a turn, select to sweep the wings and the spoiler(s) remain extended…potential control issue has just been introduced.


  3. JoeJay says:

    “wow Bob”! You are smoking brother. That microw swicth worked out prety cool, that’s useing the O Bob-o-nagun.

  4. mike says:

    If you take the micro switch idea on step further you could get them to hold a closed position when the wings are swept.
    Instead of cutting the power to the servo as Bob is doing you could use the micro switch to change the signal being fed to the servo between the rx and a manual servo tester(SM service in the UK make them) set to drive the spoiler shut.
    With the wing swept back the spoiler servos would get it’s signal from the servo tester with the wing swept forward the servo would get it’s signal from the rx.
    Bob if you are interested i can sketch it out and email it to you.

  5. Phillip says:

    Using the KISS principle I still think programing the radio to hold the spoilers shut when the wing is swept back would be the simple method. Wing sweep switch would determine if the spoilers work or if they remain in the closed position. This way the servo will always have power and there is no need to solder in a micro switch. Wing sweep switch forward alows the spoilers to operate, wing sweep switch in the back position drives the spoiler servos to the closed position.

  6. Kuranai says:

    Bob, You are producing cold solderings.
    This can cause servo failure and its Bungling (german: Pfusch ;)

    Get yourself a new soldering iron an learn how to use it.
    You´re a master in building ans flying, such details must not cause any problens on those great and expensice Planes.

  7. Fred W says:

    Bob,I worked 30 years in the telephone industry and made literally thousands of soldered connection without flux. The rosin in rosin core solder is the flux

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