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F-14 Tomcat #40 | Flap Servos

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3 Responses to “F-14 Tomcat #40 | Flap Servos”

  1. jerry says:

    Hi Bob, as allways your work is the best, thanks for the tip on instalation of the control horns. You said they are coming out with a honeycomb version? I’d like to see how much $$$ that adds to it. As for instructions, for what they get for that kit, there should be sufficient information to give a person not familiar with this kind of assembly, a fighting chance. Improperly assembled this could potentialy be a disaster looking for a place to happen. Great choice for the linkages, ball links are imo the best.

  2. Gary Baugh says:

    Clear this up for me, please. Are you using Ball-joints or Heim joints?

  3. Kevin Thoele says:


    Great job. One option for future when using powerbox. Is the powerbox Royal. This will allow you to individually adjust reverse endpoints for each servo in the system. So your flaps could be some reversed some not travel and center different for each servo.

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