Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

F-14 Tomcat #36 | Walk Around

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4 Responses to “F-14 Tomcat #36 | Walk Around”

  1. Macka says:

    Hey Bob,

    Not sure if it will solve your problem with not having enough channels for the individual starting of the turbines however the JR Matchbox can be used to turn one channel into three by way of varying the endpoints of each servo output and running the switch selection through a slider or more positively controlled through a 3 position switch. Just a thought. I think JR even provides a more detailed explanation either on the Matchbox instructions or on their website.
    Certainly helped my setup.



  2. Gary Baugh says:

    Shucks, Bob-o, I don’t suppose you remember the TV shows of Crusader Rabbit and his faithful side-kick, Rags the Tiger. Or Cecil the seasick sea-serpent or The Life of Riley or Mike Nelson in Sea Hunt (Lloyd Bridges). As far as great old movies, The Day THe Earth Stood Still (the Michael Rennie version), Vanishing Point, Forbidden Planet or 2001, A Space Oddysey are some of my favorites. In terms of “shoot-em-ups,” just about any of John Wayne’s westerns fit the bill. Easy Rider and Fantasia were no slouchs, either.

  3. Jerry Pate says:

    Hi Bob, I know money is alays a consideration – but if you are going to buy a new receiver anyway, I suggest you look at the Powerbox Royal. It has a built in 12 channel JR RX, redundant power supplies, and you can connect up to 4 servos on each of 5 channels. That means one channel for the rudders/nose gear, one for the flaps, one for the elevators, one for the ailerons, etc.

  4. JoeJay says:

    Hello Bob I got your Pilots done & will be shipping them to you ASAP when I find the nearest awax(post office). I got brother Johns done too, theese are on the house, I hope you like them. “Oh, I will also make a deposite on my 105 thundercheif, Bob-o-Mombo#5 baby, Ohya people. This should help with the trip to Kentucky gas & hotel expences. I thank you Sr.

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