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F-14 Tomcat #29 | Nuttin To Do

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3 Responses to “F-14 Tomcat #29 | Nuttin To Do”

  1. JoeJay says:

    “DO DA DO DO DO”, Good! cause I almost sent you a Flyeagle F-35 Corvete 1/7 scale man. “Oh” I crack My self up. That was prety good Bob, you had me going. to bad thoose are not scale the helments look cool I saw them in arizona, Bill had them coming out the exhaust pipe in his F14. “DO DA DO DO DO”. Is that Ups truck here yet.

  2. Phillip says:

    I know you removed and reinstalled all the screws inside the F-14 with locktite but did you also do all the landing gear?

  3. Mark says:

    Hey Bob you know you need to change the name on your F-14 to Maverick and Goose

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