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F-14 Tom Cat #57 | Out From Winter Storage

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2 Responses to “F-14 Tom Cat #57 | Out From Winter Storage”

  1. Brad says:

    The reason you are loosing your washout, the full scale Tomcat had leading edge slats which increased the total wing area at slow speeds; i.e. on approach. Flaps and slats used in combination made the full scale Tomcat stable at speeds between 150 to 190 Kts. By eliminating the outer trailing edge flaps in your fly eagle Tomcat will help at lower speeds by maintaining your two degree washout, as you had mentioned.

  2. Gary Baugh says:

    CUT THE FLAPS!!!! One of the most important aspects of a “good-flying plane” is its landability. Anything you can do to improve this condition is a worthwhile endeavor, especially in light of the proven results others have had with this modification. In regard to the ruffled feathers of the scale purists, I would remind them that aerodynamics of a full-sized aircraft do not often translate well to a significantly smaller-sized scale replica. Bite the bullet, Bob-O, and cut the flaps and add crow reflex to the aileron portion. Just my two-cents……….

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