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F-14 Tom Cat | Loafing with New Camera

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2 Responses to “F-14 Tom Cat | Loafing with New Camera”

  1. Jerry Pate says:


    I watched your video on the F-105 and the corrections that Ali asked for. If you extend the elevator arm (make it longer), you will increase the slop – and that increase in length will require you to reduce the amount of throw on your radio (ATV). Both of these things will make it worse, not better.

  2. AndWho says:

    Yes, you are correct if you extend the servo arm. But this is the arm/horn on the elevator surface. You should ALWAYS try to adjust your throws mechanically, never use the ATV to limit throw unless it is the last resort. Or even make the throws too small mechanically and use ATV to extend beyond 100%.

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