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F-105 Thunderchief – Wings #122 | Number 9 Finished

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One Response to “F-105 Thunderchief – Wings #122 | Number 9 Finished”

  1. JoeJay says:

    Hello Bob Liked the video’s. I have three of the same jets you have. My F18 flys well I crashed my T50 on the Maiden Bought another one just have’nt put it together yet, I’m working on 5 different prodjects at the same time. EJF has perty good stuff as well as banana hobby Check out that SU-35, 64″ long. with twin 70″s, & Nitro Planes F18. I to like ChangeSun & HET typhone motors. Your doing a Awsome job my Brother. Keep on Disco ducking & keep on Trucking. Hay everybody See-ya back in the shop.

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