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F-105 Thunderchief #531 | Maiden Flight (Long Version)

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12 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief #531 | Maiden Flight (Long Version)”

  1. Jerry says:

    Hey Bob, are your feet back on the ground yet???You’re so pumped up you’re not going to sleep for a few days. Great job, and a great flying machine. Jerry

  2. Leonard says:

    Well done Bob,

    you weren’t the only one with your heart in your mouth. After the first run down the runway, I had to skip to the end to make sure it ended well before I could watch the rest of the movie.

    Great to see it all go so well mate, and thanks for the movies.

    And best wishes to your father as well!!!

    Catch you mate and thanks,


  3. gary whitney says:

    congrats, nice job keeping your cool during flight. that is the difference between a pro(bob)and a rookie i would have panicked.

  4. Joe Jay says:

    “Did you wipe the drull off Zombie Dude, allright”, I’ts all good my freind you are the Bomb. Considering the nature of the situation I think her size was to your advantage & shes going to be Ok, She looked sweete in the air man Can’t waite to see Johns pitures. “what’s up brother John”. Thanks Tony for being their I’ts hard video tapping aireal. Nice job guys. “Oh sure “I’ll have some Try-Tip Sir”. Salute!

  5. michael fox says:

    hey bobo great job on the flyong thug also i think the mic cable mess up oh yeah i did learn alot from you bobo bam that bird looks so good oh one more thing if you are going to redo b1bommber grab all other parts like Hydraulics cylinder Hydraulic pump reservoir the next one b1bomber lol also use 4 pt 200 cat jet turbine lol you have a hot rod plane on your hand bobo with john f9 if fuel the pump bad turbine will not start its like a car give gas down the barrel of Carburetor it was start with out the pump motor naver run as for the turbine will run on propane onecs you take off the propane and fuel pump taking a dump plane will not fly smile

  6. Jeff Alter says:

    CONGRATS…..I believe you have a winner…

  7. Danny Van Hove says:

    I love you’r videos and great builds but when are you gonna find someone deasend to film your flights. This is so pourly.


  8. Dean/JM says:

    It flew perfectly………….wish I was there! Can’t wait to see the next flight!

  9. Gary Baugh says:

    I’m requesting a de-briefing video on the proto-flight and a behind-curtain interview with Zombie Dude in regard to weight and balance, roll-rate, control functions, systems operations, climb, zoom, longitudinal stability, inertial coupling (if any), slow flight, flap effectiveness and whether-or-not Z-D’s shorts have dried out yet………………

  10. Jose Lalanza says:

    Hi Bob! great job you did (building and flying) she flies in a very nice flying attitude, a bit tricky on roll perhaps? only one thing….you forgot to eject the speed brake parachute, and looks like she needed
    Congratulations!!!! Keep going on, I love your videos

  11. Tommie Inglesby says:

    Bob,Great flying with you, I could almost feel the Joy that You were feeling when she took off and landed, so what if she was a little long….she came down in one piece to fly another day!!

  12. james says:

    such a magnificent plane and a pretty good video. The vidographer should remember shat the pilots all know, “keep your eyes on the plane!” and the sound quality could be greatly improved if you would just secure a piece of open cell foam over the microphone. this would eliminate the wind roar that drowns out the sound of the plane and conversation.

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