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F-105 Kits

F-105 Thunderchief

This production run will be for only 10 kits and the molds will be stored for good.  Basic kits with retracts will start at $7,000.  Be one of the 10 to own a Bob Moore 1/6 Scale F-105 Thunderchief RC Jet.  Claim yours now! Ad is also posted in RCUniverse.

(Maiden Flight Video)

Specifications: 1/6 Scale Requires:
Wing Span: 71 in Radio: 9 Servos
Length: 130 in Turbine: 50 lbs & Up
Weight: 42 – 45 lbs Dry
50-55 lbs Wet
JetCat P-200 or
Jet Central Mammoth



F-105 Kit
+ Gear
(Any Scheme)
Price $
Standard x $7,000
Assembled – ARF x $8,000
Painted – ARF x x $9,000
Turn-Key x x x x Call

* Cockpit Kits, Opening Canopy, Bombs and Drop tanks  (Pricing Coming Soon)

Standard Kit includes:

  • Composite/Carbon Fiber Fuselage with bulkhead set
  • Composite/Carbon Wings bolt on ready
  • Composite/Carbon Vertical Stab and Elevators
  • Composite/Carbon Gear Doors
  • Internal Air Intake Ducts
  • Stabilizer Mechanism
  • Landing Gear Set (wheels and Brakes not Incl.)

Assembled ARF Kit includes:

  • Everything included in Standard Kit
  • Bulkheads Installs
  • Wings and Stabilizer fitted
  • Complete Air Cylinders Set Installed
  • Hinged Ailerons,  Flaps, and Rudder
  • Installed Landing Gear and Doors
    (Plane is ready to paint)

Painted ARF Kit includes:

  • Fully painted (your choice of Scheme)
  • All Assembled ARF Kit

Turn-Key Kit includes:

  • Fully painted Deluxe Kit (limited choices to choose)
  • Servos installed(specify Brand)
  • Jetcat P-200 Turbine
  • Wheels, Tires, Brakes
  • TamJet Pipe
  • Smart Multi-Function Air Valve for Gear/Doors
  • A123 Batteries
  • After Burner Ring
  • JMP Air Accumulator
    (The Very Best of everything.  Just Add fuel and Go!)

Payment is accepted in the form of Cash, Money Order, Cashiers Check, Paypal(3% fee added).
For questions or wanting to reserve one, contact us.