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F-105 Thunderchief Kits – Wings #217 | Evevator Parts

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  1. Hey Bob, big things are happening here at Clear Lake, Texas. The powers that be have been moving the full-size space-shuttle mock-up from Galveston to Nasa via Clear Lake and everything that will fly or float has been witnessing this big event. The B-17 and B-25s stored at Galveston have been over-flying the spectacle as well as numerous helicopters. I donned my “I donated to the B1 model project” t-shirt and mingled with the hoards of engineers, Nasa technicians and space cognoscenti hereabout and received a lot of inquiries as to your project. I relayed how the build had morphed into the Thunderchief project as well as several other iterations along the way and aroused much interest. My enthusiasm hopefully has spurred a few more viewers your way. I figured it was the least I could do in return for the countless hours I have enjoyed watching your progress. Keep up the great work!!!

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