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F-105 Thunderchief Kits – Wings #210 | Hinging Flaps

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One Response to “F-105 Thunderchief Kits – Wings #210 | Hinging Flaps”

  1. Ron Dunaway says:

    Okay, It was probably me who put the hinges in like that. When I built my first trainers, I did the same exact thing.

    Bob, There was no YouTube to go watch. Most of the people that were at the flying clubs in my area were stuffy old retiree’s who wanted nothing to do with a young punk like me. They wouldn’t give you the time of day if you paid them. I was sucking up to much of their precious coffee drinking/BS session time for them to bother.

    I built a few kits afterwards that eventually somebody would point out a better way to put it together. But the point is on every plane I built the build instructions just plane sucked and I had no help. Even when I would go in and ask questions where I bought the kits from, I would never quite get the full answers needed. But the guys behind the counters would not hesitate to BS with their friends that would walk in right up to the counter and cut you off in the middle of your sentence.

    I felt like all they wanted was my money. Go home kid put the thing together, I’ll see you in 2 weeks after you crash it, then come back and buy another one.

    And I guess that the expectation from the manufactures were that I had already built 100’s of these thing and learned something new from every build. After crashing several trainers (sometimes twice or 3 times) it got old real quick.

    I ran into a friend of mine one day at a field that was not really meant for flying. His Dad was an avid modeler. He helped me build my next plane, (a Piper Cub) how to properly skin it, set up the equipment in it, get it properly CG’ed trimmed out and most importantly, how to buy an engine that wasn’t horribly over powered for the plane. That was one of the best flying planes I had (Compared). But if it hadn’t of been for somebody showing me this, I would have probably built it the same way. And it probably would have flown like all the others with the same results, in the dirt. Again, remember, there was no YouTube.

    And all those stuffy old men that were at the flying field, there not there anymore. I see a few of them once in a great while. Now I see a lot of people my age or a few years older that had probably the same experience’s as I did getting help, they seem to be helping others (younger generation) get into RC modeling.

    Your videos have done a great service for those who are wanting to get into RC Modeling (Specifically RC Jets). Now as a beginner, I’m not sure I would go through all the steps of glassing a scale model to start with, but at least I can get a lot of great tips on how to do some of the other stuff needed to put an airplane together and get it up par for flying.

    I would still recommend seeking advice from someone at a local flying field and have them go through it before it’s maiden flight. I still ask knowledgeable people now just in case I may have forgotten something silly.

    So back to those hinges!!! Yeah! Okay I’ll take the blame. ;^) I’ve done it! Yep!, just like that… So… Blame me. :^P

    Once again Bob, Thanks for the videos.

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