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F-105 Thunderchief Kits #41 | Waxing and special Visit

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9 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief Kits #41 | Waxing and special Visit”

  1. A GIANT thumb’s-up to you, BOB-O-DAD! It’s great to see you up and about. My hat’s off to you…..

  2. jerry says:

    Hey dad!!! Lookin really good and I bet you feel good too. God bless and take care.

  3. CarlB says:

    Hey, nice visit from the Dad. Looking very, very good. Give him a hug for us Bob.

  4. johnny mackie says:

    looking good bob o dad, great to see you back ,take care and god bless , john

  5. Jose Lalanza says:

    Hi BoB1, I’m glad your dad is back on bussiness!

  6. michael fox says:

    bob o dad how much money you win or lose oh yeah you look good stay off those smokes when you are you get back on the sr70 black bird we all like to know you coming on it and making those 104 thudercheif landing gears keep up the work bob o and bob o dad

  7. michael fox says:

    at the poker game

  8. Joe Jay says:

    “Wow Dad “! you look great, Like a Million Bob-o bucks, I see Sammy didn’t recognise you, welome back to the shop Dad. Hello brother Bob sure I’ll take a signed poster & a new B1 t-shirt let me know how much. I bet Dad feels the need, the need for !05 speed flying action baby.

  9. Gary Baugh says:

    Actually, Bob-O, I think Bob-O-Dad would like to see the Thunderchief fly. Are you up for another test-flight?

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