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F-105 Thunderchief | Kits Announced


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7 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief | Kits Announced”

  1. rye says:

    hey bob
    great series but what about the cockpit she going to have one right?

  2. Kevin Thoele says:


    Did I miss the price of the 105 kits? If not was is the price?

    Thanks enjoyed the vids

  3. Dean/JM says:

    We haven’t redesigned the Fuel Cans for Kero ~ just ADDED this new Lower priced unit! 5.0KSPEF = $179.95. We still make the Lowboy 5.0HKF = $199.95 that most modelers use and DREAMWORKS & BVM sell a bunch of! Also, pull back that tubing “Slack” so that the Filter touches the spring on Battery Box. It is a Manual thing!! LOL.
    see them all:
    PS: I want a F-105 “T”…… Bill me!


  4. B1Bomber says:

    A pricing structure will be announced pretty soon. So you will have some choices to fit your budget.

  5. Ron Dunaway says:

    Hi Bob,

    My wife and I sent you the shirt. We thought you would get a kick out of it as we did. I sent you an email through your contact on your website letting you know about it. We hope you like it and it looks like it fits well.

    Thanks for the videos.

    Ron and Sasipa

  6. Gary Baugh says:

    I’m still waiting for my B1-bomber T-shirt, Bob. My “better half” won’t let me order a “Thud” shirt until she sees the other one on my back……….Gary

  7. Joe Jay says:

    Hello Bob, Is there time to lay-up a opening cannopy. “How much time….do we have.” Are you going to put the probe on the nose, just wondering & is Paul making detailed cockpits. And sad but true brother, I didn’t get my B1 T-shirts to, I sent a-email awhile back,(2)extra larges when your ready Bob. We need a wind sock in the shop. “Oh’ someone perty please make a Shute that has “Bamb” on it. That would be way to cool.

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