Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

F-105 Thunderchief Kits #18 | Canopy Mold Prep for Layup

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2 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief Kits #18 | Canopy Mold Prep for Layup”

  1. Ron Dunaway says:

    Hi Bob, I never did figure out why you stopped working on the B1. I figured it was financial. These aren’t cheap to build and the proto’s of anything are usually the most expensive part of building. I’ve built a lot of proto’s but in electronics. Not cheap! So I figured you were building these next 5 to support the B1 and the 105. At least that was my guess??? I too would like to see some B1 building action when you have some time for that Project.

    I watch all the way to the end (I think) of the B1 build and then you disappeared for a while or I didn’t see anymore B1 Bomber action on Youglued. The next thing I new you were building a 105. I was mainly interested to see the plugs and molds. I never seen that part of the process. I’ve seen custom cars and boats hulls laid up with both blown-in and heavy glass laid. But I never saw the molds made or it’s process. They were usually shipped in from another company. I assume it’s the same process, but on a grander scale.

    Btw, They don’t care about voids on those parts. They spray in the resin, either blow in the shredded glass or lay it in and go over it with rollers and large wedges tucking it into place as they go along. Oh yeah, then bake it at a low temp. I assume to cure faster?

    Now I go into my shop, load cartridges and watch Bob TV while the wife watches Dancing with the stars or American Idaho (inside joke. She’s Thai, let’s leave it at that) inside the house.

    We know you’ll get to the bomber. It really seemed to be one of your favorite projects.

  2. B1Bomber says:

    Hi Ron, you are correct! Yes the bomber is now in the phase of some expensive electronics, turbines, etc. And those fully functional wings are going to be a work of art when they are finished. But this will probably be the year of the Chief!

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