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F-105 Thunderchief Kits #1 | Production Has Begun

Subject:  Bob is showing how to tape off your mold surfaces areas to be protected from primer, resin, etc.  A clean surface is important so your molds fit firmly together.

Materials: Blue 2in Painters tape

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  1. Ron Dunaway says:

    You know how to see a tornado in the mid-west? Go to the nearest mobile home park. It’s almost guaranteed you see a tornado hit it.

    Everyone complains about the Earthquakes here on the left coast. But we get a big one once every 30 years or so. I watch the news and the mid-west has tornado’s all the time.

    I was stationed in Oklahoma. The day before I arrived, the records building got wiped out by a tornado. Nobody got paid for almost 2 month. The whole time I was there I wanted to see one and never got to. The day I left Oklahoma and went for training in Texas, a tornado hits the base again.

    Beside most of the earth quakes we have are just small foot massages.

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