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F-105 Thunderchief Kit Production #56 | Verticle Stab

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2 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief Kit Production #56 | Verticle Stab”

  1. bob
    missed your videos but family comes first, anyway wish you and your family the very best.I still remember your visit to iland me having my picture taken with you. it not often that a person of your caliber would take time to do to the people who give you a hard time on the b1 up theirs .I scratch build myself and there is lot of r@d involved with a new forte is pre ww1 a/c not good flyer but love to build. anyway keep up your good work wild bill

  2. gary whitney says:

    bobo, a friend of mines dog had similar symtoms, found out he had his lawn and perimeter of house sprayed by chem-lawn and some company that sprays for termites, anyhow some breeds of dogs eat grass to settle stomach(im told its some form of onion)thats what made his dog sick, vet also suspected chewing on pressue treated sawdust in garage, hes a woodworker. good luck i dont like to refer them as dogs, but rather family members.

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