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F-105 Thunderchief | Fixing Gear Door (cont)

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5 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief | Fixing Gear Door (cont)”

  1. Phillip says:

    You need to get a pair of round nose pliers, they look like needle nose but the jaws are completely round and tapered allowing you to make perfect round wire bends. Hobby Lobby craft store should have them in the jewelry making department. I have two sizes and use them frequently. Hope to drive up to Jackson Friday, have a local club function Saturday, maybe I will see you there.
    Picayune, MS

  2. Joe Jay says:

    Hello Bob & John; Hope you you guys made it there Ok. I hope everything goes as plan can’t wait to see the 105 the cugar & the F-18 fly. Hope you guys have a splinded weakend. This is a tornado free zone brodcasted from mississipee.

  3. Gary Baugh says:

    I hope the drive went well and you are relaxing at this time. We all look forward to the videos and hope the weather cooperates. John’s Cougar and the “Thud” flight’s are both highly anticipated.

  4. Gary Baugh says:

    Wow, the South has been hit hard by tornados. I hope you and John are O.K. and that the jet meet is still on……

  5. rye says:


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