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F-105 Thunderchief | B1, Dad and Kit Update

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6 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief | B1, Dad and Kit Update”

  1. Dean/JM says:

    Hey Bob,
    Thanks for the kind word’s on the Jerseymodeler Fuel cans~hope you enjoy!! Remember my F-105 T-Shirt (L)!
    Dean Kraus
    c/o Jersey Modeler
    2012 Champlain Street
    Toms River, NJ. 08757-1123

  2. Daren Thomas says:

    Hey Bob

    Where are you storing the B1 then as it don’t seem to be seen anywhere anymore??

    Great vids by the way and looking forward to seeing the Thunderchief blazing those skies soon!

    best regards

  3. Mark says:

    i thought the wing loading was already light on the bomber?
    or did you run into a legality issue with the weight of the plane?

    or do you simply need to takeyet more load off of the wings due to thier complex mechanisms?

    ok enough questions, we are just curious as to why it seemed to have vanished all of a sudden after so much work, that being said you are truely a hoot to watch and you projects, whatever they may be are first class, well done on the thunderchief and hope to see a newborn B1 in the near future.

  4. S7 says:

    Hi Bob,
    Could you please give us an update on the situation of the B1, when you are going to fly it etc…?

  5. Ram-bro says:

    Bib, where is the B1 at these days? Inquiring minds wanna know

  6. Rick Ronco says:

    I either missed something or just confused. What happen with the B-1 you’ve been working on for so long. I have been following your videos since day one and its been awhile since I’ve seen it. Unbelievable amount of work you put into it, congrats!

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