Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

F-105 Thunderchief #530 | Testing Chute

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4 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief #530 | Testing Chute”

  1. Dean/JM says:

    ” Bob’s out walking the “DOG”~!!

  2. Dean/JM says:

    I see Bob found a new PAVED Runwalk Close to home!! LOL

  3. Dean/JM says:

    That “CHUTE” is really a “POOPER SCOOPER”!
    I just love the sound of those Turbines!!! I can’t understand why the neighbors don’t come out to see what the noise is? ….Mine would!!LOL

  4. Jeff Alter says:

    they dont come out Dean, probably cause they’re use to the Bobo jets…probably waitin for one of those to come thru their living room window.!!

    the sounds those Jets make are AWESOME…

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