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F-105 Thunderchief #514 | Wings

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28 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief #514 | Wings”

  1. catman says:

    Hang in there, Bro. Been there; done that. Personally. Medical technology these days is an amazing thing — there ain’t much they can’t fix once they find it. I had cardio issues that I didn’t even know about and they went in there and poked around a bit and I was back in the 1:1 cockpit in short order. Your dad’s old school and nearly indestructable. Besides, every one of us out here are pulling for both of you.

  2. Jon Van Skiver Jr says:

    Hi BOb,
    take car of your dad and all the best. Sorry to hear he is not well,family 1st
    Jon Jr

  3. rye says:

    hi bob
    all are best to pops he”ll be alright ,tuff old guy ill bet if he could he fix it him self lol my dad had it 2 x he live until he was 89 15 more years he will need to be taken care of for short time, you”ll know when hes feeling better when he tell you to leave him alone stop babying me ,stay tough ,

  4. guy sebrechts says:

    sorry to hear about your dad. wish him well and a quick recovery.

  5. Richard Bean says:

    My Dad had a stint put in a feels better than he has in the past fifteen years. Hang in there Bob, everything will turn out fine.My families thoughts and prayers go out to “Dad” and to you and yours. Take care – stay strong!

    Richard, Sarah and the kids

  6. keith says:

    Hi Bob been watching bob tv for ages,really sorry to hear that dads not feeling to good,really do hope he feels better very soon,he,s a great guy, hang in there he,s going to be ok best regards Keith UK.

  7. johnny mackie says:

    hey bob,sorry to hear about dad,tell him the mackie family in scotland send their love and their wishes for a speedy recovery,stay strong buddy i’m sure he will be just fine. very best rgards john,nancy,scot and gary

  8. Jeff Alter says:

    Bob, Sorry to hear about your Dad…he’s in good hands and he’ll be ok..we’re praying for him..

    Jeff and Rebecca Alter

  9. Lou Lombardi says:


    Very sorry to hear about your dad but keep your chin up. I have a stent and a pacemaker and am still perking.

    Give my best to your dad and I am sure he will be fine with all of the devices they have available today.

    Best regards

    Lou Lombardi

  10. Matt says:

    Hi Bob – really sorry to hear that Dad hasn’t been feeling too well; I wish him a very speedy recovery. Have been following your progress for a long time now here in the UK and i’ve been inspired by what you’ve both achieved with the B1 and F-105. I look forward to the video of the bomber/fighter formation flying!

  11. Mike says:

    Hi Bob
    I can hear from your voice that you are hurting but hanging in there. Dad is in the best possible place, getting the best possible care and he will be back in no time. I have a friend who had a stent fitted. He walked out of the hospital an hour after the device was fitted. Never looked back.


  12. andy askwith says:

    hi really sorry to hear about your dad bob i sure wish him a speedy recovery please give him all our love and and tell that were all praying for him as jeff says he’s in the best place you have to stay strong for him though bob you have all the our love to buddy from andy,anthony,amy and della my wife

    p.s there will be a card coming from us in the next few days

  13. gary whitney says:

    dont be scared about showing emotion towards dad,I told my dad i loved him 2 weeks before he past away , I was really close with him, but your pops will be ok putting in stints now days not a big deal my prayers with your family bob take a break from vids and spend time with pops,I
    will be thinking about you brother.

  14. Gary Baugh says:

    Bob, my wife and I extend our heartfelt wishes to “Dad” for a swift and speedy recovery. We also offer you the strength and support that is needed for these trying times. Take the time you’ll need to build up your own endurance and never be ashamed to show your love and emotions. WE AND ALL YOUR FANS CARE!!!

  15. michael fox says:

    hi bob i am very sorry your dad not feel very well its best right now take some time off from shop bo wife and you should be with your dad also god speed for your dad smiles we all hope your dad gets well soon smile from michael fox

  16. Brad Varvel says:


    I’m sorry to hear that your father, AKA Dad, is in the hospital. The Varvel family sends out our best to the Moore family and especialy your Dad, all our prayers going out to Dad for a speedy recovery. Your fans will waiting patiently for an update on Dads condition and recovery.

    Brad Varvel

  17. catman says:

    So, Bob, how’s it feel to be a part of so many different families from so many different places around the world? 24 hours ago, you never knew we even existed, much less that we care. Amazing how this whole global village thing works. Wiggle your finger for us if you agree.

  18. ViperDriver says:


    I have watched nearly every video and have appreciated your Dad’s work since the beginning. Both you and him drive my wife crazy now as each night I check out your site and put her on pause until I’m done watching. All of my best to you, your family and especially your Dad. My family will pray for yours and I’m confident it will all turn out.

    F-16 Driver/USAF

  19. Kevin Thoele says:


    Could hear in your voice the concern for your Dad. Just know we are praying for a quick and full recovery. Hang in there
    God Bless

  20. Odee Daigle says:


    I sorry to hear your Dad’s in the hospital. I know you and your Dad are very close as I was with mine. From your voice, we all know that you are very concerned and emotional for him. God tells us that when we obey and honor our father’s, we will be blessed. You are extremely blessed to have fan’s around the world who care so much for you and your Dad. My prayers are for him to makes a speedy and complete recovery.


  21. Joel says:

    Hey Bob sorry to hear about your Dad hang in their man like everyone elts said he’s a tough old school man. Where all praying for you and your family. Hop your dad gets well soon and to you and your dad keep up the good work

  22. Jose Lalanza says:

    Hi Bob! sorry to hear about the illness of your Dad, I hope and wish that he will recovery soon, tell him that he must finish the Black Bird, cheery up Bob we are with you and will pray for you and your family.

    All the best!

  23. Joe Jay says:

    Hello Bob I’m so sorry to hear about Dad I hope he gets better soon. Me & Pops will pray for both of you, and your family. Hang in there brother Dads going to be Ok. There are alotta good people wishing the best for both of you. Take some Time off, your Dad needs you just being there may comfert him. Talk him through it, and before you know it You’ll both be back in the shop. “WE LOVE YOU DAD”!& we need you, SR71 Dude.

  24. G. L. Gould says:

    Very sorry to hear about your father, with the necessary medical care he will be up and running very quickly. I’m closing in on 70 and in our age bracket were a tough breed. Best wishes for Dad, you and your family. FYI, my mother had a stent and a packmaker put in at 88 and lived to be almost 100.

  25. martial says:

    Hang in there, Bob. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Dad!

  26. Jerry says:

    Bob, words cannot describe the concern we all have for your dad. My prayers and thoughts are with him and your family, in hopes of a good recovery, just don’t forget all your friends who subscribe to the thread are are here hoping and praying for all of you. Jerry

  27. Brent says:

    Proffessor Bob. I feel so bad after hearing this news about your dad. I believe he will do fine and I’m going to keep him in my thoughts. Thank goodness he went to get his condition checked out before he had a heart attack. If there is no damage he might feel better after they do a little blockage repair. Things will work out for your family because you’re good people and I know the Big Man above cares for Dad. You guys are going to fish the river and build many more projects.

    You and your dad will remain in my thoughts and prayers. Brent

  28. rick says:


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